Lottie Brooke Is Getting A Makeover! (New website location!)

Hey guys!

Just wanted to make sure you all knew that I have a new website location. It’s still under construction because I need to get a few bugs figured out, but the new site is here:

If you already follow my blog, no worries, you’re still a follower! But new posts will no longer be on this site so make sure you head on over the new LB! (I promise once it’s done it’ll be fabulous!)

We also have a giveaway going on sooo, even more incentive to check out the new site! :)

Thanks for being awesome friends and for sticking with me through this ugly transition time! You da best.

See ya over there!

Love, Lottie



Hey Phil Robertson, It’s okay!

Hey Phil Robertson, it’s okay.


It’s okay to defend the Bible and believe in its words.It’s okay to speak your beliefs no matter what because it’s our given right as Americans.

I’m with ya, Phil Robertson. But America feels differently.

America has things twisted when it comes to “drawing the line”.

Call them “blurred lines” if you will.

When Miley Cyrus twerked rather suggestively on stage, everyone called it art.
When naked girls parade around in music videos, it’s all in good fun.
When (not so) soft porn hits the movie screens, people call it entertainment.

But when you state your opinion on a controversial topic? Now that’s what they call offensive.

Take heart, Phil Robertson. This is about so much more than what you said. This isn’t the first time a voice for Christ is silenced and it won’t be the last. But one thing’s for sure. You are bold and courageous for our Lord. You speak the truth even though it offends others. You live your life in light of what God has done. And for that, I commend you. We all do. Thank you for standing firm on your beliefs. Thank you for not conforming to what the world wants to hear. Thank you for creating a wholesome TV show that doesn’t feature sex, scandals, lies, and revenge. You’re voice may be silenced, but they can never silence God. And He won’t be silent.

God I pray that you will revive in us a heart willing to go into the broken world, speak the words you instill in us, and do the work you have planned for us. May we be courageous to speak your truth despite the opposition that surrounds us. May we always be bold for You.