Writing is hard…Here’s some pictures!

 So…I’ll admit it. I’ve been really bad at getting new posts on here lately. I have a ton of ideas floating in my head (trust me, I’ve got things I want to say!) I just haven’t had a chance to get these thoughts out on paper yet. It’s been a busy time for me. You know what, I haven’t been that busy lately. I’m just going to be honest with you guys. Every time I sit down to write, my mind goes blank. I lose all motivation and I let myself get distracted by social media. I intentionally set time aside to write, and…nothing comes out!

Writer’s block? Sigh…maybe. But it’s more like writer-laziness.

If you want to be a good writer, sometimes you just have to fight for it. Fight through the laziness and perfection. As Stephanie May of the Lipstick Gospel so delicately put it a couple of weekends ago: you’ve got to get out a shitty first draft. Because then at least you have something to work with!

Ha! I love it. And that statement has been challenging me ever since. Last night I sat on my bed with my computer, opened up a word document, and just started writing. I didn’t second guess myself or think too hard about the way I was saying things. If I had a typo, I let it be. Within a half hour, I had 1000 words written on a topic I’ve been wanting to write about for a long time. Is it perfect? Nope. But it’s out there. And in a couple of days I’m going to revisit it, comb out the crap, and modify it til it’s an insightful, entertaining, and relevant post.

Seems legit, right?

In the meantime, here’s a glimpse into my life from the past week! I moved recently as was able to celebrate the new home with some awesome friends. I also got to explore a farmer’s market in downtown Kansas City – which was fun once AAA came and fixed my friend’s car! Oh, and I probably should mention that I got to meet NEEDTOBREATHE last week! I volunteer at Children’s Mercy Downtown and they performed a private concert during the lunch hour for nurses, patients and staff. It was ah-mazing. Yup – shook their hands and everything. I may have been a tad starstruck.













LB is headed to ATL! Here’s to the conference I’m attending and the lesson in faith it took to get there

Hello lovely friends!

I have some pretty exciting news. (In my opinion, at least!)

After much debate (and financial scrutiny) I have officially registered for my first writer’s conference ever!

I’m so stoked to attend the Lipstick Gospel‘s writer’s weekend in Atlanta, GA!



Ahh! I know, right? Exciting! And the crazy thing is, it’s coming up in less than two week. Two weeks!

Alright, I need to calm down. I’m getting to excited about this ;]

Sadly, I’ll be missing my beloved Tulip Time festival back at in Iowa (which is the best small town Dutch festival with some pretty amazing food, by the way) to attend this conference but it’ll be worth it. I suppose I can indulge in many plates of Poffertjes next year. Or maybe my friends can save some for me.. anywho..

I’m positive it’s going to be a great adventure. I have met some of the women who will be attending, and knowing that they all have a heart for God and a passion for telling their story makes me all the more excited. It’s going to be a weekend of networking, sharing blogging/writing techniques, building our platforms, and sharing stories with one another. I’m hoping I’ll be able to come away with a clearer vision for LB and a good start to propelling this blog into a new, fresh dynamic to impact others.

But I didn’t feel this way at first. In fact, it wasn’t until I finally clicked the “check out” button for my ticket that I felt at ease with my decision.

For me it was a huge leap of faith for two reasons:

  1. Lack of money
  2. Lack of trust

Lack of money

I really struggled with this because I have never made such an investment on something I consider to be a hobby. It felt weird to throw down some major bucks on something I thought I only did for fun. But here’s what I learned about that: If it’s something you’re passionate about, you can always afford it. You can make it work. You can cut back on non-necessities, you can drink less coffee, you can pay it off slowly, etc. It’s like they say, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. If it’s something you love, then go for.

For me, this is more than just “blogging”. This is the only way I know that I can best speak truth about God to a wide variety of people. I seek to make this blog not about me, but about God and what he’s doing in my life and in this world. And if attending this conference will help me to be more successful in that, then why wouldn’t I invest in it?

Lack of trust

I sometimes (more often than not..) have difficulty trusting God with huge decisions in my life. Therefore, I become very indecisive. I questioned my own maturity first (am I really old enough to travel by myself to a place I’ve never been to attend a conference with people I don’t know without parental permission?!) I then questioned the safety and security of the conference (what if this is a scam?) Then I questioned if it would even be worth it (what am I going to get out of this? Is this worth spending my money on?) 

I was on a should-I-or-should-I-not boat for about a month-ish. Sometime’s I’d be super pumped and ready to sign up, then other times I’d get too scared of all the unknown factors and exit the registration screen. I kept asking God to write across the sky with a simple yes or no if I should go or not. But here’s what I learned about that: Sometimes you have to take the first step and just do something. 

You’re not always going to get a clear answer from God. I feel like we all sit around waiting for a yes or no when God is saying “you have a brain, so use it!” You’ll know if you should or should not do something (that’s the cool thing about the Holy Spirit) but sometimes I think He lets us choose. And in this case, He wasn’t giving me a definite yes or no. Whether I go or not will not effect his ultimate plan for my life. I could miss the mark and He’ll still somehow get me on the right track. But if I go in sincere faith, expecting God to show up in Atlanta to teach me new things, then how could He not want that, ya know?

So two weeks from now I’ll be off. And I hope you’ll join me on this adventure. Maybe even take an adventure in faith of your own.

I can’t wait to share with you guys all that I learn from this conference. I can’t wait to introduce you to some awesome writers and get you connected with their blogs. I also can’t wait to see what God does in and through me because of this.

It’s called a leap of faith for a reason. If it was a step, it wouldn’t be scary. But the leap is what forces us to trust Him all the more.

I’ll keep you posted, my friends! You better believe a whole bunch of Instagrams and FB pics will be coming your way ;] #LBinATL, baby!




*Picture property of the Lipstick Gospel :)