The Story of LB

The start of LB.

Wow, that seems like forever ago.

It started way back in May 2011 as Truth Be Told  and was originally a blogger site.

My first blog post was called “Life is like riding a bike“.  It was an analogy of how God is like our earthly father who helps us. He helps us attempt to achieve our dreams and dusts us off when we fall. He is always there.

I originally wrote this post and a few others as “notes” on Facebook. Remember those? They’re not used very often anymore! Probably because the world of blogging has grown so much within a few years.

After writing this “note”, and seeing people comment on it, it made me realize how much I loved blogging. But not just blogging; blogging with a purpose! I had a platform to make a difference on. I knew then that God has gifted me with the ability to write and to equate everyday life with a life in Christ. I could see God in the beauty of nature and in the pain of injustice. I could see him working in ways that couldn’t be kept to myself. I had to share what I was learning.

So I created my first blog and titled it Truth Be Told. My idea was to base it completely on who God is and what He’s done for us. I wanted it not to be about myself. Rather, I wanted it to inspire and encourage other people. And I would use stories from my life to do so. I wasn’t shy, either. I gave the nitty-gritty details of my struggles and sins. I was (and still am) an open book.

In 2012, once I learned about the greatness of WordPress, I moved my site and called it “Inspiration By Truth” (keeping with the “truth” theme).

Eventually, I got more tech-savvy and html-wise (thanks communications courses!) and therefore developed what is known today as “Lottie Brooke”, creating a larger platform with social media and guest posts on other pages. It’s been quite a 2.5 year journey since I started this blogging thing. A lot has changed (especially the design of this site) but the core truth has remained the same.

With everything in me, I try not to write out of selfish ambition. I seek to not misinform or purposely lead astray my readers. I only want to challenge, encourage and inspire people. I want them to see what’s really important in life and to soak in truth, not from a mere human, but inspired by the Word of God. To blog for any other reason, in my opinion, is worthless.

So here we are. Let us continue this journey together, friends.

With love,



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