About LB


10 quick and fascinating facts about LB

 I can juggle! And I’m strangely proud of it.

My perfect day consists of coffee, a good book and music in my ears – then shopping, because, well…obviously.

 I love my parents Gary and Jody and my brother Steve so much!  Plus I have an extended family that rocks hard.

 I’m blessed with so many godly, hilarious friends and love them dearly!

 I’m a proud alumni of the University of Northern Iowa.

 Kansas City has captured my heart since the day I moved in.

 I help make Children’s Hospitals a better place for a living.

 I love all genres of music, but really, rap will always be my favorite. What up, LeCrae!

I love youth ministry and hanging out with teens!

 I have been saved by grace and strive to love God with all I have.

With love,



5 thoughts on “About LB

  1. I’ve Read A Few Blogs,And Wow, Its Great To Hear Someone Else Speak How You Speak And Think The Same Truths. God Is So Beyond Wonderful. Keep It Up!

  2. Hi Ashley!
    Thank you so much for your kind words! That’s always been the goal of my blog – keeping it truthful. I’m glad you are enjoying them!

  3. hey!!i love ur blog…am 21… and i love God… im single and sumtyms it hurts…am celibate as welL,i havent had sex or kissed a man beFore i hope i wilL get married some day!! please help me to just live my life without worrying bou it…Thank u


  4. hey!! Im 21…and your Blog is amaze!!!Love it… please could you folLow my blog…i got zero folLowerS…LOL… ive an issue…im single and am celibate…ive had lots of hearbreaks …I do believe that God has a plan and a purPose 4 me …and i realLy do want to get married some day, im flooded with thoughts sometimes, that say Tash”why you single” and my exes say Noone wilL marry you…its awful!

    • Hey Tash!

      People have been saying things like that to me all my life. If I had a nickle for every time someone asked me why I was still single, I’d be rich. Or at least have enough money to buy a new car ;-] Over the years, I’ve learned to just brush off those comments because having a significant other doesn’t define me. My life is just as meaningful without a spouse as it would be with a spouse and I wouldn’t trade my single years for anything. These years are great for growth, making friends, taking on challenges, and going wherever God calls you!

      Trust in God’s timing and rest in his promises. God just wants YOU – heart, soul, mind, strength. He’ll take care of the rest. :)

      Feel free to shoot me an email on my prayer request page if you want to talk more!


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