Email, WordPress, & Bloglovin’ subscribers – this one’s for you!


Hello friends!

I’m in the midst of transferring from to and while most of the content can be transferred, my subscribers don’t get to come with me :(

There’s a way to do it (and I’m still working on that part) but for now, if you’d like to still be an email subscriber, please head on over to my new site

The same goes for bloglovin so if you’re a follower on there, please go to my new bloglovin page!

Sorry for the inconvenience!

It really means a lot to me that you enjoy this blog that is near and dear to my heart enough to follow it.

Honestly, I’m thankful for all of you and I am encouraged to keep writing because of your faithfulness, kind words, and encouragement.

I know this can be annoying, but I would sure love to keep you around because I definitely don’t want to lose ya! :)

Thanks and have a lovely weekend!

Love, Lottie



Lottie Brooke Is Getting A Makeover! (New website location!)

Hey guys!

Just wanted to make sure you all knew that I have a new website location. It’s still under construction because I need to get a few bugs figured out, but the new site is here:

If you already follow my blog, no worries, you’re still a follower! But new posts will no longer be on this site so make sure you head on over the new LB! (I promise once it’s done it’ll be fabulous!)

We also have a giveaway going on sooo, even more incentive to check out the new site! :)

Thanks for being awesome friends and for sticking with me through this ugly transition time! You da best.

See ya over there!

Love, Lottie